Isagenix Greens™

We decided there should be a simple way to get your daily serving of green vegetables, without any fuss. That’s why we’ve made Greens! With a combination of kale, spinach, spirulina, broccoli and chlorella in every scoop, it just got a lot easier add more nourishing veggies to your day!

  • Made with whole vegetables including spinach, kale, spirulina, broccoli, chlorella and more
  • 30 calories per serving
  • No added sugar
  • Source of fibre
  • Plant-based and suitable for vegan diets
  • Refreshing cucumber-mint flavour
  • Perfect for the whole family, including kids aged 4+ years
soy-free gluten-free dairy-free vegetarian

Greens On The Go

Mix with your shake

Shake or blend with your favorite IsaLean Shake for a plant-based boost.

Drink with water

Mix with sugar-free sparkling water for an afternoon refresher.

Share a wellness shot!

Mix your greens with a small amount of water to craft a wellness shot and enjoy a burst of green goodness.

Get everything you need and nothing you don’t

This plant-based powder is packed with nutrient-rich phytonutrients, and you won’t find any added sugar, gluten or soy inside.


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